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Tip #95 – Don’t Confuse Checklists for New Product Project Plans

Pipeline Accelerator Insight #95

Checklists are not project plansIf you are using a gated process to manage new product programs you might be tempted to confuse gate checklist for new product project plans.

The thinking being that its a complete checklist of everything that needs to get done. Check everything item off as it’s finished and you’re all good. 

The problem with that approach is that checklists are a list of deliverables and don’t leverage dependency.  They don’t clarify what task needs to be finished before other tasks can begin.

More importantly, they don’t help you visualize what can be done in parallel without multitasking. And that is an essential element for speed to market – identifying which tasks are on the critical chain and which are on the feeding chain meaning they can be conducted in parallel for maximum. speed


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