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Tip #90 – Build Competence in New Product Field Visits

Pipeline Accelerator Insight #90

new product field visitsNew product field visits are essential for companies with highly engineered new products. Why? Because new product ideas are a dime a dozen. But new product ideas that nail an important unmet need in the market are priceless. And that takes getting out of the lab or office.

Customers will happily buy your highly engineered new product solution if it solves a major problem. One that is costing them money or getting in the way of making more money. And learning to spot those is what a competency in new product field visits can do for you.

Conducting new product field visits to uncover those kinds of opportunities takes practice. It also takes a deep understanding of two things: 1) What drives value for the customers in your markets and 2) How your technology can play a role. That also means it’s essential that you have well-trained commercial and technical folks conducting joint visits.

Here are a few resources to help you make new product visits a competency for your highly engineered products company.

Our Article – The Innovator’s Field Guide to Customer Visits

Edward McQuarrie’s classic little book – Customer Visits

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