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Growth Equation Framework – 4 Levers Driving Innovation Throughput

Industry Week Series

If you work in the manufacturing industry, there’s a good chance your company is making a sizable investment in new product innovation. U.S. companies alone invest over $280 billion in R&D annually—yes that’s billion with a B.

We hear innovation success stories all the time from the Gods of innovation—companies like Apple and Google. But back here on this physical plane, it’s a different story with only 55% of companies seeing the kind of return they expect on that investment.

So what can mere mortals like us do to get more out of that investment and fly a bit closer to the sun like the top performers? Quite a lot actually.

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Part 1 – Frequency

Part 2  – Predictability

Part 3 – Time-to-Revenue

Part 4 – Market Impact

We’ve also created a diagnostic to go with the framework. It’s a simple, but effective tool you and your leadership team can use to evaluate your potential for improvement.  To get your copy simply request one below:

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