Guided Innovation Throughput Diagnostic

power-diagnosticPower-up your Innovation Throughput with the Growth Equation Framework

Growth Equation

While innovation depends on creativity, invention, execution, and even timing, the reason you invest in new products is simple—to ensure a future stream of profitable top-line growth.  Ultimately, the measure of how well that investment is paying off is Innovation Throughput—the cash flow generated by new products and services. There are four levers you can pull to increase your growth through new product innovation. These levers come together to make up our Growth Equation framework for driving Innovation Throughput.    

We’re offering qualified businesses a free diagnostic tool that you can use to evaluate your company’s Innovation Throughput capabilities and see how you are doing with each of the four levers. You’ll also gain valuable direction for improvement.

And If you have a team you would like to include in this survey, simply contact us via the link at the bottom of this page or call (262) 672-2700 and we can provide you with a link to a confidential online survey for your team.

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