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Guts – That’s what it takes to disrupt your own core business. That and a clear strategy for where you are headed – that is if you have any hope of surviving. A recent example that’s been fascinating to watch is Netflix, as CEO, Reed Hastings, navigates the transition from snail mailing DVD’s to streaming […] Read more

Almost everyone’s heard of the 80/20 rule. Unfortunately, few really understand what it can do to improve the focus of their businesses – even in the area of new product innovation. You only have to look to all of the project multi-tasking that goes on to know how true this is. Boiling 80/20 down to the […] Read more

It’s rare to find an exec who hasn’t read Goldratt’s The Goal, while few have read Ohno’s Toyota Production System, or anything at all on Six-Sigma. But few companies have adopted TOC as a focusing approach while Lean and Six-Sigma are widely used. Arguably, Theory of Constraints is a poor description from a marketing perspective. Some […] Read more

Are you taking advantage of the benefits that focus can provide your organization? If you are clear on your growth strategy and new product strategy, one key way that focus can deliver results is pipelining.* Here’s an example of how pipelining works: You have four projects that that need to be completed The projects are similar […] Read more

The single biggest problem companies struggle with in both creating and executing growth strategy is having too many priorities at the same time. Even after elaborate prioritization exercises, the natural inclination is to want to figure out how to work on them all. As a result, both execution speed and quality suffer. But early on, […] Read more

While Kotter’s “Leading Change” is still a favorite and one of the most comprehensive works on change, I give authors Chip and Dan Heath high marks for this contribution to the field with “Switch – How to Change Things When Change is Hard.” Organizational and personal change is a complex subject, but the Heath brothers offer […] Read more

On June 11th, 2011, the world lost Eli Goldratt – a true leadership hero. Many call him a management visionary because of his Theory of Constraints – a management and improvement focusing approach that in retrospect most see as “just common sense.” A fact that he accepted as praise. But, or maybe in addition, I […] Read more

Just read an interesting study from Dan Ariely’s book, Predictably Irrational, that adds an extra layer of value to the argument for pipelining your new product development projects – as if faster cycle time and earlier cash flow weren’t enough. If you aren’t familiar with the idea of pipelining, working on projects sequentially rather than […] Read more

Click here if to view a PDF of this article While TOC has provided the Critical Chain approach for the planning and execution of projects, this doesn’t help determine which projects, especially for new products, present the best opportunities. Here renowned TOC thinker Eli Schragenheim writes about the six questions for evaluating new product ideas […] Read more

This is the second installment in a series of posts by Eli Schragenheim on how Theory of Constraints can contribute to the quantification of the value a new technology can bring to new product applications. It builds on the first which covered how to choose a project. The relevancy of the perception of value to […] Read more