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If speed to market is important to your company, does every one of your new product project teams have a clear project charter and understand the cost of a day’s delay? You can’t assume anything here. Ask members from the same project team what the loss in new product cash flow is for every day […] Read more

Imagine that you are Pat, a design engineer with Doitallnow Corp. You’re in your office with a design calculation running in the background while sketching out some ideas for an upcoming project. You take a sip of your energy drink, and in walks your boss, Lee, along with Terry, one of the company’s project managers. Lee […] Read more

Since the introduction of Critical Chain Project Management in 1997, I’ve been surprised several times to run into talented project managers that nonetheless just couldn’t see how much of an innovation CCPM was over traditional project management methods like critical path and PERT. Never-mind that only 56% of typical projects finish on-time and 70% finish with a […] Read more

Anyone who’s followed this site for long knows I’m a proponent of 80/20 or results focused behavior. The important takeaway being that a very small handful of activities drive most of your results. Well, Bill Cabiro at Strat-Wise, a good friend and former colleague of mine has taken 80/20 to a level of understanding that […] Read more

How many times have you thought or even said this? “If our people would just hit their milestones or task due dates, our projects would meet their deadlines.” I’ve certainly been guilty of it. And when I ask a room full of execs and managers this question during a workshop, every hand goes up. The […] Read more

So how much time do you think your projects spend waiting on resources and management attention? What if you found out that, even ignoring evenings and weekends, your projects spend 50% or more of their time waiting? Recently over a cup of coffee, a coaching client of mine recently explained how he found himself in […] Read more

Have you ever noticed that the world views Research and Development so synonymously that R&D has become one word. But one thing I get asked a lot is whether or not the research and development components of a new product program should be separated—not if they should be located in different places, but if they should […] Read more

In case you’re not familiar with 3M’s “make a little – sell a little” philosophy, I’ve always found it very useful when launching new to the world products. When dealing with new markets or what Clayton Christensen calls “competing against non-consumption,” any pretense that you can know the market size and scale the supply chain […] Read Full Article

Over the last few months, I’ve worked with two different companies struggling with projects significantly delayed because of a lack of clarity around project targets. That’s certainly one of the more common complaints I hear from new product development organizations. One way to deal with that is implementing a Critical Chain Project Management approach which significantly improves predictability and […] Read more

A software client asked an interesting question last week that got me thinking about managing the impact of uncertainty on product development. The gist of the question was, “How do you deal with projects that have elements of both discovery and well understood tasks?” Project Planning The first element of uncertainty in any new product […] Read more