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How Agile is Your Innovation

With software becoming an increasingly more important part of product development, Agile software development methods are becoming more well known. So in this issue we’ll take a look at Agile and how some of its key elements can help you uncover hidden new product innovation capacity. For a more comprehensive overview you might want to […] Read more

How often have you seen companies look for new employees with the “ability to multitask”? But by now don’t we all know that multitasking is a dangerous myth? One that adds waiting time to projects, results in poor productivity, and delays projects from finishing on time. If you still have any doubts, you might want […] Read more

Obstacles to New Product Growth

What kind of obstacles are constraining your growth? Few companies plan for anything other than strong growth—usually several points stronger than the rate of GDP growth. Just like the residents of the fictional Lake Woebegone, all our children are above average and all our new product efforts are going to be successful. But back in […] Read more

What are you doing to improve new product throughput and to get more high-impact new products to market in less time? You’re sitting in a senior leadership team meeting and someone asks the vice president of manufacturing what the improvement goals are for this coming fiscal period. “How much can we expect to reduce production […] Read more

Growth Equation Framework – 4 Levers Driving Innovation Throughput

Industry Week Series If you work in the manufacturing industry, there’s a good chance your company is making a sizable investment in new product innovation. U.S. companies alone invest over $280 billion in R&D annually—yes that’s billion with a B. We hear innovation success stories all the time from the Gods of innovation—companies like Apple […] Read more

What if Steve Jobs’s creative genius wasn’t the key to Apple’s success? But most importantly, what if his secret sauce was something we mere mortals could apply in our business? Let’s jump in the wayback machine and look at Apple just a few years before the start of the new millennium. The creative folks there offered […] Read more

How many times have you seen performance against new product sales goals or any of your important KPI’s come up short? And what do you do when that happens? All too often, the answer is to just push the target out further or readjust the goal to reflect reality. But what if there were a […] Read more

MP3 Audio Version AvailableI recently received a question from a reader, named Eric, asking about the right balance between so-called incremental product development and breakthrough projects. That’s also a question I get all the time in my coaching work. Since striking the right balance is critical to speed-to-market in execution, I thought it was time […] Read more

This blog normally focuses on faster new product innovation. So you might be wondering, “Why an article on pricing?” Well speed-to-market is not just about launching earlier. It’s also about generating new product cash flow sooner. New product innovation is all about creating demand and the revenue associated with it. And getting pricing right has […] Read more

  If you happened to run into this WSJ article you might be wondering what it has to do with new product innovation and speed-to-market for new products. Clearly getting the right degree of stress is a challenge that organizations struggle to balance – whether in new product development or almost any activity. The rampant […] Read more