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Dozens of cats lounge around the room. Some nap. Others groom themselves lazily. One tests its claws on a ratty couch plastered in fur. Most ignore you, but one rubs up against your legs purring as though it’s feeding time. The disheveled cat lady standing amongst them considers your question, and giving you a perturbed […] Read more

That’s right the typical product development team sees more than half of its capacity wasted. For one of my recent clients that meant $5.8 million dollars. Sound exaggerated, right? Well, at least until you experience the first of three wastes responsible for that loss firsthand. So try the fun/infuriating exercise in the video below and then come […] Read more

An R&D leader recently asked me for a crisp and succinct explanation of the differences between Critical Chain (CCPM) and Critical Path project management. There are many differences and some are subtle, but if I had to boil it down to a single sentence, it would be: CCPM is built for flow so that you […] Read more

In the previous articles in this series you learned how to create governance that weeds out low-impact opportunities and to build project plans that are robust to unexpected variation—critical to giving every project an excellent chance of finishing on-time. Once you’ve created this plan, the next step is to schedule your project to move into […] Read more

The previous article in this series summarized the necessary elements of governance required to build a disciplined system for bringing qualified opportunities into the organization. Once you’ve decided that a new product opportunity is consistent with strategy, meets financial hurdles, and is feasible, the next step is to create a robust plan and realistic timeline that […] Read more

The most common complaint I hear from within organizations that are struggling with delays is “We don’t know how to say no.” But maybe what’s most surprising is that so many companies are unable to commit to the up-front assessment work necessary to make their new product portfolio more productive. If your organization ever struggles […] Read more

In this post of the Simplifying Innovation blog, we discuss the dual benefit of reducing new product cycle time and offer five speed to market improvement strategies for your new product development.

Funny thing, but as we grow-up and get “smarter,” we tend to make things more complicated than they need to be, and innovation is no exception. New product innovation is complex enough to begin with; so let’s look at a lesson we learned as children that can help simplify it and deliver more impact. My […] Read more

It’s almost axiomatic – business growth requires a clear vision or goal and strategies to support it. However, a lack of clear direction continues to be one of the most common complaints I hear from the development groups of industrial business to business companies. Of course a lack of direction also means wasted innovation resources, […] Read more

You won’t find too many companies today that aren’t under pressure to increase new product growth which is why this series of articles is focused on uncovering hidden innovation capacity. Unfortunately, most companies report that the innovation projects they are counting on finish late and rarely deliver the sales promised. If any of this sounds […] Read more