Mastery Track

Our Services – Guided Innovation Mastery Track

A comprehensive program that puts our five-step continuous improvement process to work for fast results and helps you develop a culture of continuous innovation improvement – Designed to move you from struggling with innovation improvement to creating a predictable stream of new product growth and bottom line impact

Purpose of the Guided Innovation Mastery Track

To put your organization on a course of continuous innovation improvement. One that begins to immediately reduce development cycle time and increase the bottom line impact of your current new product projects. Additionally, you will gradually establish a lasting culture of continuous innovation improvement over the course of the program.

Benefits and results

  • Helps you develop the focused, market driven culture necessary for continually improving the impact of your new product innovation activities.
  • Develops the skills required to find high value unmet customer and market needs so that you can develop new products that customers will buy.
  • Makes sure your organization learns how to select only the best opportunities to increase the return on your innovation investment.
  • Develops competencies required to successfully plan and execute high impact projects so that you can count on higher probability of commercial success.
  • Provides ongoing, hands-on support so that your organization assimilates the new skills to ensure continued improvements and return on investment.
  • Gives your team the coaching and support it needs to make continued improvements for one predictable monthly fee with no extras or hidden costs.

How the Guided Innovation Mastery Track is structured

The Guided Innovation Mastery Track is a one year, fixed fee program that begins with our fast start program. Then we continue to work with your team throughout the year in a customized series of coaching and workshop sessions as needed to ensure improvement throughout the program and beyond. At the completion of the program, you’ll have the process and all the tools you need to continue improving your new product throughput for long-term growth and impact.

Our fast start approach rapidly pinpoints your constraints so you can begin making progress quickly. We start with a diagnostic review session for each of key new product initiatives and your current results. Projects at risk are then immediately scheduled for project rescue workshops. Additionally, we work with your team members in a series of interviews and workshops to examine both the formal and informal innovation process in your organization as well as the policies and assumptions governing them. These policies are often one of the most promising areas for changes that can bring about rapid improvement.

Once we help you to identify your primary innovation constraint, we then assist you in choosing the strategies and tactics required to eliminate it. As you eliminate each constraint, we then help you to identify the next and develop new strategies and tactics for dealing with it. In support of this effort, we provide various hands on workshops as needed.

Depending on your constraint, workshop elements could include:

  • Customer Value Lens tools to find opportunities and understand potential value created
  • Customer visits for identifying high value opportunities
  • Speed Pass approach to creating a robust, streamlined innovation process
  • Guided Innovation Mapping Tools for project planning that ensure projects start in the right direction
  • Assessment & prioritization tools for maximizing return from your portfolio of projects
  • Developing marketing materials that communicate value and benefits
  • Market launch planning & coordination
  • Evaluation of lead generation and channel strategies

Of course, each client’s issues are different, so we also work with your innovation leadership and project managers to provide coaching as each project progresses and to identify additional strategies or tools needed to attack specific constraint issues as they arise.

The key goal for this track is for you to see a marked increase in your new product success. Beyond that, our programs are also designed to create a gradual culture shift that will put you on a track for continued increases in new product success long after we’ve gone.

Our unique promise

All of our work is backed by an unconditional performance promise – In fact, we guarantee that if you put our five-step approach to work, you will see improvements that far outweigh your investment or we’ll work without any additional payment until you do.

Not only that, but we’re even willing to base our fees on your results. That’s right. The Mastery Track is available on a contingent fee basis: After a modest set-up fee, you don’t pay anything else until you see increased new product results.

Are you ready to see continuous improvements in your innovation?

If you’d like to know more about what our clients have achieved, you can read about the results that we have been able to deliver.

If you’re interested in putting your company on a track to master continuous innovation improvement for increased bottom line impact, you can call me, Mike Dalton, directly at (262) 672-2700. Or if you prefer, just visit the contact us page and we’ll call you for a simple no obligation discussion.

In this discussion, we’ll find out a little bit about your objectives and the new product development issues that your business is facing; if there’s a fit, we offer a complimentary in-depth strategy session to understand your problems and opportunities and to explore how we help you get more impact from your innovation.