Diagnostic Track

Our Services – Guided Innovation Diagnostic Track

Problem diagnosis and assessment with a fresh perspective – Designed to move you from struggling with innovation improvement to creating a predictable stream of new product growth and bottom line impact

The Guided Innovation Diagnostic Track gives you an external perspective that helps your team see both the forest and the trees. By identifying and then focusing on solving the real problem, you’ll eliminate wasted effort and be able to leverage your improvement efforts for far greater results.

Purpose of the Guided Innovation Diagnostic Track

To identify the key issues constraining your new product development projects and innovation process and to advise you on the root causes behind them. Our findings and recommendations are structured to give you frank, confidential feedback on the problem; a quantifiable assessment of commercial potential and clear, actionable guidance and options for getting your program back on track.

Benefits and results

  • Stops the bleeding – Helps you quickly understand whether a struggling project can be rescued or whether your valuable resources should be used elsewhere.
  • Increases the probability that your strategic investments in innovation will deliver the growth intended.
  • Diagnoses the key problems that are constraining the throughput of your product development project or process.
  • Allows you to begin taking action in a matter of days to ensure that the program will deliver or to redeploy resources to more promising opportunities.
  • Provides an objective, independent perspective to help challenge assumptions and policies that may be constraining not only the project but also your entire program.
  • Frees up management’s time to deal with other strategic and operating issues needing attention.

How the Guided Innovation Diagnostic Track is structured

Guided Innovation Diagnostics are conducted in 4 steps:

I. Understanding your situation:
In the understanding phase, we conduct one on one and group interviews with your project team(s), cross-functional support staff, and subject matter experts to get a 360-degree view of the problem. This can also include external development partners and even charter customers when appropriate.

II. Getting a grip on the problem:
In Step 2, we take the critical information gathered so far and map it against our new product diagnostic framework and risk tools. We can then give you:

  1. An indication of probable success based on key indicators
  2. An overview of the key commercial and technical factors putting the project at risk
  3. A high-level plan for correcting key issues, including rapid action plan steps to begin immediately rebuilding the teams confidence and engagement

Our new product diagnostic includes expert evaluation tools that focus on the key factors critical to both commercial and project success:

  1. A clear, compelling, differentiated and believable value proposition for the end user and all members of the value chain
  2. Stakeholder buy-in, alignment, and coordination across your organization, the supply chain and the distribution channel as required for successful commercialization
  3. A clear understanding of the assumptions critical for success and risk mitigation plans including feasibility milestones.
  4. Management review and reporting to ensure projects stay on track.

Our primary objective is to provide you with a rapid assessment of whether the project warrants remediation and further investment or if you would be better off redeploying the team to more promising opportunities.

III. Addressing the underlying causes:
In our experience, there are usually systemic or policy issues at the root of project problems. We use information gathered during the diagnostic to assess any policy issues at the root of your problems and help you determine the appropriate steps to address them.

IV. Action Planning:
Our final step uses the diagnostic assessment as the basis for a structured plan to get your project back on track quickly. This plan outlines the recommended options for getting your project back on track as quickly as possible and for keeping it there; also included are recommendations and options for addressing any root causes underlying your program’s issues.

Our unique promise

All of our work is backed by an unconditional performance promise – In fact, we guarantee that if you put our five-step approach to work, you will see improvements that far outweigh your investment or we’ll work without any additional payment until you do.

The Diagnostic Track comes with our no-hassle performance promise; we guarantee that you will be 100% satisfied with our analysis and recommendation or your fee will be returned.

Are you ready to address the problems in your project portfolio?

Whether a project level deep dive or a portfolio level quick scan, we deliver a revealing diagnosis and powerful action plan to get your new product development back on track. In many cases, we can complete this track within one week for a single project. Additionally, every assessment comes with our no-hassle performance promise; we guarantee that you will be 100% satisfied with our analysis and recommendation or we will return any fees you’ve paid.


If you’d like to know more about what our clients have achieved, you can read about the results that we have been able to deliver.

If you’re ready to address your problem project or portfolio and get a grip on the issues jeopardizing your project’s success, you can call me, Mike Dalton, directly at (262) 672-2700. Or if you prefer, just visit the contact us page and we’ll call you for a simple no obligation discussion.

In this discussion, we’ll find out a little bit about your objectives and the new product development issues that your business is facing; if there’s a fit, we offer a complimentary in-depth strategy session to understand your problems and opportunities and to explore how we help you get more impact from your innovation.