Programs for Quickly Accelerating Your New Product Results & On-Time Performance

The FastTrack to Innovation Results & the Growth Strategy Bootcamp Programs are now our primary focus. But we still accept strategy, coaching and facilitation projects as time permits. Please read on below and contact us to check availability.

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FastTrack to Innovation Results


FastTrack to Innovation Results

A comprehensive program that puts our five-step continuous improvement process to work improving your new product innovation results

The FastTrack to innovation Results is for companies that want to see immediate improvements and continued progress for greater impact from their innovation investment. This comprehensive program looks at all of your key new product programs and every element of your innovation process to identify the constraints you are facing. After a fast start session, your team gets ongoing coaching and a series of customized workshops that help them drive on-time performance and new product throughput. You can expect to see rapidly improved results with all your key projects within just a few months, but over time you’ll also make continuous gains in innovation throughput a stronger part of your corporate culture for the long term.

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Growth Strategy Bootcamp


Growth strategy bootcamp

Facilitated strategy development that provides the focus, foundation, and plan required to drive faster growth

Is a clear and compelling vision driving the initiatives in your organization and are those activities delivering the growth they should? One of the biggest challenges any leader faces is getting and keeping their organization focused your goals and key initiatives – the ones that drive earnings growth.

In an intensive bootcamp format, this program helps you identify those key initiatives and get your organization aligned and executing against them. Together we’ll unlock the knowledge and intuition already available across your organization to help you identify the critical success factors required to drive your growth as well as the issues blocking progress. Then in the following weeks, we’ll work to help you craft the implementation plan and customize an approach to deploying it across your organization.

In as little as two months, start-to-finish, you’ll have a clear growth plan that your organization understands and buys into. – In fact, we guarantee that if you put our approach to work, you will see gains that far outweigh your investment or we’ll work without any additional payment until you do.

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Guided Innovation Diagnostic Track


Diagnose your innovation process issues
Project reviews, organizational assessments and problem diagnosis with a fresh perspective

Do you understand the risks inherent in your new product project portfolio and how to deal with them? The first step in solving any problem is to identify its root causes. Whatever the situation, your organization will have many opinions about problems and their causes. But they are often just too close to the issue making it easy to confuse symptoms for causes. This results in solutions that are ineffective or even make things worse.

A Guided Innovation Diagnostic gives you independent, expert perspective while still involving your team and drawing on their important knowledge and subject matter expertise. We offer two types of diagnostics:

Portfolio level: A quick, high level scan of all your key new product initiatives to identify projects at significant risk.

Project level: An in-depth evaluation of individual projects to identify key risks, problems and their root causes.

In most cases, within just one week you can expect a confidential assessment of the situation and a recommendation for turning it around. Every assessment comes with our no-hassle performance promise; we guarantee that you will be 100% satisfied with our analysis and recommendation or your fee will be returned.

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Guided Planning & Execution Track


New product development planning consultationFacilitated project mapping and planning to ensure your new projects get started on the right track in the first place

If you don’t know where you’re headed, any route will get you there. Unfortunately, too many product development projects start without a clear target and a plan for achieving it. If you are just launching a new product development or other strategic initiative, this workshop will rapidly take your team through the process of setting objectives and building a project plan. You also have the option of continued coaching sessions to provide the team with independent feedback and ensure the program stays on track. Start your strategic new product projects on the Guided Planning & Execution Track and you can expect your team to hit the ground running with a solid plan designed for results.

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Guided Innovation Rescue Track


New product projects going bad can be rescuedA program that gets your struggling product development projects back on track fast: in weeks not months

In the unfortunate situation when a project does go off the rails, it can be tough for the project team to see the path forward. It’s only natural; they get too close to the details and become too invested in the project to be objective. The Guided Innovation Rescue Track starts with a project level diagnostic. Then, if warranted, the project team goes through a workshop to lay out clear go or no-go milestones for reevaluating feasibility and moving forward with development. You can expect to see your key new product project back on track with a clear direction for commercial success: often in just a few weeks.

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Guided Innovation Continuum Track


Continuous innovation improvement coaching programOne on one coaching for innovation leaders or project teams to ensure continued improvement progress
If you’ve already completed one of our other programs or would like to get started more gradually, the Guided Innovation Continuum track offers a one on one coaching approach with an affordable monthly fee. Bi-monthly calls help your innovation leadership or project team leaders perform at the top of their game and stay focused on their key priorities: the priorities that will deliver the bottom line impact you’re looking for.


Our unique promise to you

All of our work is backed by an unconditional performance promise – In fact, we guarantee that if you put our five-step approach to work, you will see improvements that far outweigh your investment or we’ll work without any additional payment until you do.
Not only that, but we’re even willing to base our fees on your results. That’s right. Our Guided Innovation Mastery Track is offered on a contingent fee basis: After a modest set-up fee, you don’t pay anything else until you see increased new product results.

What to do if you’re interested in finding out if our programs would be a fit for you

If you’d like to know more about what our clients have achieved, you can read about the results that we have been able to deliver.

If you are interested in finding out how our services can help with your specific situation, you can call us directly at (262) 672-2700. Or learn more about our special offer:  FastTrack to Innovation Results Strategy Sessions  offered on a limited basis to qualified companies.