What Business Leaders Are Saying About
Unlocking Innovation Productivity

“Rare is the person who possesses the depth of understanding needed to “Crack the Code” on new product innovation. Rarer still is the person that can effectively teach, coach, and communicate sound solutions and practices to address this vexing business issue. Mike Dalton is that rare expert and this book shares that expertise in a way that all business people can learn from.”

— Nick Maris, President & CEO–Somna Therapeutics


“I had the pleasure to implement a new way of working in our organization together with Mike. The results speak for them-selves–we have improved our project throughput remarkably without adding more resources. This book very nicely illustrates the process we have been through, step by step. Definitely worth reading–either before or during the change management process you intend to take your organization through.’’

– Luise Bang, Global Head of PMO – Danfoss A/S


“As engaging as any novel; internalizing Mike’s simple but in-sightful concepts will definitely result in shortening your NPD cycle and maximizing the value of your innovation portfolio.”

— Asim Syed, Director, Global Technical Service R&D—Dow AgroSciences


“Dalton understands how critical innovation is to company suc-cess and provides succinct reasoning and actionable steps to overcome innovation challenges. Short and easy to read, making it perfect for any team member.”

— Jim Estill, CEO—Danby Appliances


“A prescription for what ails product development in a concise integration of lean, constraints-based methods along with a career’s worth of practical insight and practices.”

— Joe Pfaff, VP Off-Highway Engineering—Husco International


“Distills decades’ worth of new product development experience and success into deployable and easy to understand strategies. Mike’s approach is both counterintuitive and pragmatic, offering senior executives both a sense of affirmation related to NPD struggles and a direction for a more productive future.”

— Jeff Kerlin, President & CEO—Tailored Label Products


“A practical, easy to follow guide to more productive new prod-uct development. Dalton’s methods are proven and his writing style brings clarity and just the right amount of detail to the reader.”

— Joe Wright, President—Concept Metals


“Masterfully challenges the traditional thinking that’s holding you back with solid examples and proven results. No matter the maturity of your innovation process, you will get value from Mike’s strategies for upping your innovation game.

— Wayne Laning, VP Engineering & Quality—Bemis


“Combines the well-established principles of lean business and Theory of Constraints with pragmatic strategies for an actiona-ble roadmap that business leaders can use to increase project portfolios returns. A must-read for professionals at every level of the organization.”

– Amit Sachdeva, Director, Product Management—Danfoss


“An easy and insightful read that shares a proven formula for driving successful innovation. Mike expertly navigates the reader along the pathway to outstanding NPD results by lever-aging Theory of Constraints and pointing out the potential pit-falls along the way.”

— Doug Brown, Vice President Engineering—VSG-Dover


“A quick read for business leaders who want to see their new product and innovation results breakaway from the pack. Dal-ton emphasizes strategies and critical areas of focus which will enhance speed, reduce risk and improve return.”

— Mike Zedalis, President —Tingley Rubber Inc.


“A deft application of Lean thinking and concepts to the NPD process—time and again, these concepts are key to improving productivity in every process”

—Darryl Nazareth, SVP Global Operations and R&D—Ansell Healthcare



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