Are you ready to accelerate growth with new products?

We help product manufacturing companies overcome new product delays - companies that are committed to creating value for their customers with new product and service innovation

Our clients come from a wide variety of industries, but most are industrial or B2B product companies.They manufacture and market products that require a level of technology and specialized skills to develop. They might manufacture components that make aircraft safer or more fuel efficient, supply new packaging materials that reduce landfill usage, design tools that help contractors shave time off projects, produce specialty food additives that enhance flavor or appearance, develop software that helps businesses identify new opportunities, or even make cookware that shortens clean up time. They typically employ technical staff such as research scientists, chemists, engineers, designers, formulators, programmers or technical service specialists.

While they may serve diverse markets, they all have one thing in common: they design, create, and market new products. Products intended to improve their customer's business results or simplify and improve life for the end user. Even though they have successful businesses and experience developing and marketing new products, they have the desire to strengthen their market leadership even further.

Issues you may be struggling with

Our clients might have talented people and solid technology. But what they don't have is the expertise required to drive their new product results to the next level. Do any of the following issues resonate for you?

It's difficult to find the truly impactful new opportunities needed for the future of your business. "Our new product pipeline seems full, but most projects are minor improvements or "me too" projects just needed to stay even with the competition. They might be necessary, but they aren't our future."

No one ever has enough time to work on the important projects. "We need even more impactful new projects, but our development resources are already stretched too thin."

Too much money is wasted on projects that just end up being cancelled anyway. "Isn't there a better way? How can we predict the chances of success before investing expensive time and resources."

New product projects are routinely delayed or take "forever" to get through development. "Sometimes it seems like customer demands have changed before we’ve even launched!"

Struggling programs continue long after they should have been canceled. "It's almost like projects take on a life of their own. And then there's the politics… How do you tell passionate team members that you are pulling the plug?"

When products are finally launched, the sales impact just isn't there. "Promised new product sales volumes are rarely achieved. And then the blame game starts…."

If any of these issues strike a nerve, you'll want to read on. You are in the right place.

What it takes to succeed

Who is most likely to succeed using our market-driven, constraints-based approach to new product innovation?

Our clients and customers typically share many of the following characteristics. If these fit your company, you are likely someone that can make real progress with our approach.

Market-Driven - Above all else, you are passionate about finding unmet needs and creating value for your customers in a way that increases their business results across the value chain and improves or simplifies life for the end-user.

Committed to innovation - You strive to be a market leader and see investment in innovation as a key to a growing and thriving business. While cost reduction has a place in your business strategy, you know that successful new products offer a source of opportunity that offers far more leverage.

Continuous improvement mindset - Good enough isn't. You know that continued progress is all that keeps you ahead of the competition.

Supportive and participative leadership - Leadership embraces its role in setting culture and not only "walks the walk", but recognizes and rewards performance consistent with those ideals.

Understand the need to change - You understand that change can be daunting, but you challenge your people to participate and be part of the solution.

Realize that you can't know everything - You are willing to get assistance and learn new approaches.

Willing to invest in your business and your people - You know this is the best investment of all.

If you fit the profile above, you are a good candidate to take your new product innovation to another level. As a next step, you might want to learn more about how we work to help you get more bottom-line impact from your new product investment, or read about the client results that we have been able to deliver.