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Need More from Your New Products?

Simplifying Innovation: Doubling speed to market and new product profits – with your existing resources


Executive Briefing Simplifying Innovation

Are you getting enough bang for your new product innovation buck? Or are you struggling to get more impact? You can achieve more growth from your existing resources, with the five-step approach to continuous innovation improvement that Mike Dalton lays out in his new book. You’ll identify the bottlenecks that are constraining your new product growth and learn a host of techniques for focusing and leveraging your improvement efforts for far greater growth than you’ve experienced before.

Simplifying Innovation - A book about accelerating product developmentAVAILABLE ON AMAZON – KINDLE OR PAPERBACK

A powerful approach that you can use. Traditional improvement efforts are based on the premise that strengthening each part of the organization or each step in the process, makes the whole stronger. Unfortunately, this just ends up diluting your efforts. But our constraints based approach recognizes that processes are critical chains of interdependent activities. And the strength of a chain is not determined by the sum of its parts – but by its weakest link. To get the most out of your efforts you have to focus them where they will have the most impact: on strengthening the weakest link in your innovation chain.

Simplifying Innovation and our free whitepaper extend these constraint management concepts to the area of new product and service innovation. We’ll introduce you to five powerful focusing steps for increasing the bottom line impact of your innovation investment and show you how to apply them. They provide a powerful tool for leveraging your efforts to create growth by attacking the issues that constrain your organization. In fact, using a theory of constraints based approach delivers as much as 15 times greater improvement than traditional methods alone.

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