If you’re struggling with how to get more impact from your existing innovation resources, we hope you’ve found the information on this site useful. Guided Innovation has been able to help product-manufacturing companies like yours attack their constraints to deliver more bottom line impact in less time. If this is the kind of improvement you are looking for, you can reach me, Mike Dalton, directly at +1(262)672-2700 or contact us by email .

Initial discussions are always offered on a “no fee – no obligation” basis. In an initial discussion, we’ll find out a little bit about the new product development issues that your business is facing. If there’s a fit, we offer a complimentary in-depth assessment & strategy session.

Our Breakthrough Innovation assessment & strategy session, is an in-depth discovery interview, held either by telephone or in person, in which we gather information that allows us to examine your goals, challenges, and opportunities; to pinpoint your issues; and to discuss how we can help with your improvement goals. Be assured, this is no thinly disguised sales pitch. You’ll get real insight and advice on the areas where you can attack your constraints and improve your growth. Click here to register.

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